Hope: A necessity for progress

Light on the end of railway tunnel.Abdalla Al-Baalawy – Prevailing popular belief is that money runs this world, but we fail to look at the substantial impact of ‘hope’ and how it runs this world. Humans are driven by emotion, make decision according to emotions and strive to reach a certain emotional level. The emotion of ‘hopefulness’ is necessary in all our lives to keep us believing and moving forward. Hope is what has been driving, and what will be driving the progress within countries in Africa.

Many of us have seen many dark pictures or heard dark stories from Africa, but this trend has started to diminish.  The world has finally started to pay attention to the positive economic, political and social progress occurring within the continent.

On the ground in Africa, many citizens are taking advantage of the opportunities that have long been out of reach for them. The success stories have been many, and are making headlines. The positive headlines appearing internationally are lifting the spirits of many in the African diaspora, as well as attracting funds from people who are interested in investing in Africa’s opportunities or markets. There is a general trend of people from the diaspora thinking of one day returning to their country of origin (to reverse the effects of decades of brain drain). Many parties also want to make a return from recent blossoming opportunities. People within countries in Africa and internationally feel more hopeful that they will be successful in their future because of their interaction, or future interaction with Africa.

There is a change in the mindsets of people when they think about Africa, and it is a positive change that has been brought by hope. Hope is what is bringing progress within Africa. It seems that Africa is finally seeing the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Let us be hopeful, as we move humanities motherland, Africa, forward.


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