Sustaining ourselves is the only way to progress in Africa

West_Texas_PumpjackHally Mass Jobe – A fundamental issue in many African countries is the inability to sustain ourselves within Africa. We are trying very hard to emulate structures that do not pertain to our needs and lifestyle and do not take advantage of the resources that the continent has been blessed with.

Africa as a whole has adopted systems which in my opinion is not right for us. We need to first begin by producing the things we need on the continent, instead of importing them. We need to wear the clothes we make, consume the food we produce, and most importantly support our own producers within our societies. The problematic notion it seems is the fact that when we see products manufactured locally, we somehow perceive them as lower quality and as such, give them lower value.

We have the resources but we refuse to put money and effort into proper cultivation and management of these resources. Take a country like Nigeria. Nigeria has so much oil but yet the resource is poorly managed and a lot of the industries that could be set up around this resource are not being properly implemented.

We need to work on a simple system of identifying our individual problems, assessing the feasibility of solutions, and most importantly, taking action. Fundamentally, I think this is what will change Africa as a continent. We need to focus and continuously strive for improvements because that is the closest any system will ever be to achieving perfection.


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