Our Company

investwithafrica.com (c)

investwithafrica.com (c) is a part of the Baalawy Group LP group of companies.

Vision: To have substantial growth in businesses and the economies of Africa so opportunities can increase for citizens of countries in Africa.

Mission: To be the top provider of fast, accurate and reliable business intelligence to businesses and governments of Africa, as well as actors or groups who are interested in participating in business in Africa. Our guiding principles are:

Guiding Principles

  • Passion: exemplify passion in achieving our highest potential and always be striving for higher achievements.
  • Quality Service: provide accurate information fast, and be reliable.
  • Excellent Work Environment: employ competent, honest and responsible employees who create a work environment that is fun, productive and inspiring.


IMG-20110317-00236_2Abdalla Al-Baalawy, BA, LLB (Candidate)

Managing Partner, Baalawy Group LP

Founder, investwithafrica.com (c)

Follow: @Abdalla_Alb



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